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From new pet vaccinations
to preventative flea treatments

New pet pre-purchase advice

At Animal Health Centre we are passionate about the bond that exists between a pet and his owner. 

To help ensure that the correct pet is chosen for a family and life style we are very happy to share our expertise to talk to prospective owners about what pet may be most suitable for them.

This can be discussing the species of pet be it a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or other small furry as well as discussing the merits of particular breeds within a species. We can tell you about potential health issues, environmental needs as well as the costs of keeping your new pet.

Our extensive experience means that we can help you to chose wisely to ensure that you get the pet that is right for you for a lifetime of happy healthy companionship.

So while you are still considering what new pet to get we would love to see you, please call the surgery to book a free appointment with one of us to chat about your new family member. There is no charge for this, we are always happy to help and share our combined knowledge.

Health checks, advice and health care packages for your new pet

Getting a new pet can be an exciting but an overwhelming affair. Book an appointment at Animal Health Centre in Bristol to come see one of our vets who can make sure your new family member is healthy.

We'll give you lots of help and advice on how to go about looking after your new companion.
Bringing your pet into the vet from an early age, even just to see a nurse to be weighed and have a treat, will help them learn to like the vets, making life much happier for you and them should they ever need to come in for less enjoyable reasons!
preventative flea treatments
Full vaccination course
First worm dose

Packages to help you organise and pay for their early care

At Animal Health Centre in Bristol we provide puppy and kitten packages to help give your pet the best start in life, these include:
  • Full vaccination course
  • Microchip
  • First worm dose
  • 10% off voucher for routine neutering
  • 1 month flea treatment
  • 1 month insurance cover note
  • Free bag of  food
  • Animal Health Centre slip lead (Puppies only)
  • Free monthly weigh and worm clinics with qualified nurses (only a charge for cost of worm dose)
Find out about our weight assessment clinics
For new pet vaccinations and other early care treatments call Animal Health Centre of Bristol on
0117 924 7832
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