Weight Watchers

Weight assessment

Weight assessment
for your pet

There’s nothing to lose but your pet’s "spare tyre"

Worried about your pet's weight? Please bring them along to our weight watchers clinic in Bristol.

Carrying extra weight puts extra burden on their limbs, joints and heart and can make a lot of existing problems much worse. With our comprehensive weight assessment for your pet, you can manage the weight of your furry friend easily.
Get practical help and advice on managing diet, exercise and related behaviour at Animal Health Centre today!
managing diet

From fat to fit

Here at Animal Health Centre in Bristol, our team provide advice on suitable diets, target weights and the timescale for losing weight for your pet.

Regular weight check-ups will encourage and support you and your pet’s efforts to slim and trim.
We provide full health checks and give a practical, achievable programme to encourage weight loss for your pet.

The programme will take into account your pet's age and your lifestyle. For weight assessment and other veterinary services in Bristol, get in touch with us.
To book a weight assessment appointment for your pet, call Animal Health Centre of Bristol on
0117 924 7832
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